Just be the best version of you.

After arriving home from a cheap dinner at the little Vietnamese joint down the road, I opened my laptop and started to flick through photos I took over the past year. While listening to Vera Blue in the background and waiting for the codine to kick in and sooth my now non-existent wisdom teeth, I … Continue reading Just be the best version of you.


Swimming with the World’s biggest Shark

The other week I went on a little bit of an adventure from Puerto Princesa to the big blue Sulu Sea. We jumped on a boat and travelled for roughly 2 hours before we spotted our first 7 meter Whale Shark! I felt super excited when we first spotted a Dorsal Fin and so much … Continue reading Swimming with the World’s biggest Shark

Hiking Adam’s Peak for sunrise

First of all, I am just going to state that I have never ever watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain and it is honestly one of the most magical experiences I have encounted in life! I am also going to add that you feel pretty dam proud after walking approximately 5,500 stairs … Continue reading Hiking Adam’s Peak for sunrise

High in the Hill Country

After two weeks of hanging out on the South Coast I headed to Ella with 3 awesome guys I met in Mirissa. We caught a van to Ella which took around 5 hours. It would have been a lot quicker if we didn’t have a million and one pit stops. I’d say we stopped approximately … Continue reading High in the Hill Country

A trip to Sri Lanka’s south coast

Where do I begin with this amazing country! I can’t even explain how incredible and surprising Sri Lanka is for a small country in the Indian Ocean.  The country is full of history, vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, rolling green hills, tea plantations, temples and delicious food.  Sri Lanka is the type of destination suited to … Continue reading A trip to Sri Lanka’s south coast