Heyya! My name is Dani Swane and I am a Brissy girl from Sunny Queensland, Australia. I have recently returned from a 6 month adventure around Asia.  I started my trip in Sri Lanka and slowly made my way through Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia before spending 3 months travelling and bumming around the Philippines.  Next week I am making to the big move to Canada!

I feel that the world has so much to offer and us as earthlings should sustainably explore it as much as we can. I love being immersed in different culture, enjoy meeting new people, and exploring new cities.

Travelling can be daunting at times so I endeavour to provide personal experiences that will hopefully help those who wish to travel to unfamiliar destinations. I am no travel expert so follow my up’s and down’s of living the backpacker life.

I hope you like reading about my travel’s.

Lots of love