Just be the best version of you.

After arriving home from a cheap dinner at the little Vietnamese joint down the road, I opened my laptop and started to flick through photos I took over the past year. While listening to Vera Blue in the background and waiting for the codine to kick in and sooth my now non-existent wisdom teeth, I felt this weird happy feeling of complete and utter freedom.  Aren’t we so lucky to be in control of the way we feel and the way we choose live our life. You can choose to stay sad, you can choose to be happy, you can choose to change your life completely or you can just choose to experience something you have never done before.  

Last year my plan was to blog about my experiences I encountered while travelling however being a talkative, lazy backpacker I got to caught up drinking, making new friends and living the island life. I really enjoy writing however I pretty much decided I couldn’t be bothered which is sooooo bad!  This year I am going to make more of a conscious effort to write.   

At the end of my travels I made a list detailing the things I am most grateful for.  It’s funny to see the things you miss after travelling for 6 months.  My dorm room didn’t have a door, I sleep in a mosquito unless I wanted to wake up itcy every 10 minutes, and a deli with cheese (yes cheese) only opened a few weeks before I left.  I loved living such a simple lifestyle however there were so many things I missed.  I mainly missed my family, my friends, my little dog Charlie, a good razor(smooth legs), cheese, spinach, berries, Australian pale ale’s, a bed without a mosquito net, unsweetened bread and drinkable tap water.  I also wrote about being grateful for owning a wide range of clothes and shoes that you actually don’t really need..  Sometimes you take these things for granted and don’t realise until you are on the most beautiful island surrounded by kind-hearted people who don’t need things to be happy. 

Be grateful, be kind and choose to live life your way.


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