Swimming with the World’s biggest Shark

The other week I went on a little bit of an adventure from Puerto Princesa to the big blue Sulu Sea. We jumped on a boat and travelled for roughly 2 hours before we spotted our first 7 meter Whale Shark! I felt super excited when we first spotted a Dorsal Fin and so much adrenaline when I jumped off the boat, into the Ocean with this beautiful giant creature. You don’t realise how big the Sharks actually are until you are within a few meters of their giant bodies. By the end of the day I was lucky enough to briefly swim with 5 or 6 Whale Sharks which was an insane experience! It was a really good day filled with excitement, anticipation and adrenaline.

The main place most travellers hear of either by word of mouth or recieve pages of information while googling Whale Shark’s is Oslob, Cebu. Oslob is not the most ethical place to swim with Whale Shark’s while travelling through the Philippines. So I will give you a little more information about Oslob vs Puerto Princesa. The sharks are fed fish and plankton which encourages them to stay around the waters of Oslob and reduces their natural chance of migrating. The Sharks only eat 70% of the plankton and the remaining amounts travel to the bottom of the ocean floor. As not all remaining amounts are eaten by other sea creatures, layers of Algae are formed on the bottom of the oceans floor which has an impact on the eco system. As Whale Shark’s usually fish for food more than 1000 metres below the surface indicated that it is not a natural practise when they are fed close to the surface of the ocean. If you where to go swimming with Whale Shark’s in Oslob there are a number of boats and hundreds of people following the Whale Shark’s.

I would highly recommend going on a trip from Puerto Princesa because your whole day trip is based around spotting whale sharks in the middle of the Sulu Sea. Not only do you get to swim with the Whale Sharks in their natural environment, as you travel a few hours off shore you will not see any other tourist boats in sight. If you are travelling to the Philippines and are after a natural experience check out the Whale Sharks from Puerto Princesa. Remember it is seasonal as Whale Shark’s migrate through the Sulu Sea. The Season for Whale Shark’s in Puerto Princesa is from April until October. Whale Shark’s were classified as an endangered species last year so make sure you do research before you go swimming with these beautiful creature’s because they won’t be here for ever.



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