Hiking Adam’s Peak for sunrise

First of all, I am just going to state that I have never ever watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain and it is honestly one of the most magical experiences I have encounted in life! I am also going to add that you feel pretty dam proud after walking approximately 5,500 stairs up hill! I’m not going to say it was easy because it was bloody challenging and just so you know I have been walking stiff legged for the past 3 days. If you are going to hike Adam’s Peak I 100 million, trillion percent recommend reaching the peak for sunrise. The view is absoloutly breathtaking and there is something spiritual about watching the sun rays burst through the clouds while slowly lighting up the plains with several shades of orange and pink.

Marie and I woke up at 2am to begin our long journey to Adam’s peak. We made sure we had plenty of water, a few bananas, a packet of crackers and we were set on our merry way. At first the path wasn’t well lit so make sure you watch your step otherwise invest in a head torch. We were blessed by a buddhist monk at the start of the hike where we paid a small donation to pass. It was amazing to see how many pilgrims were hiking this giant peak so early in the morning. So many people were not wearing shoes and carrying small children high on their shoulders. Once again the Sri Lankan people were incredibly friendly and most would great us with hello or good morning as we went by.


All of a sudden we were 2243 meters high, in level with the clouds. There were hundreds of people wearing big winter jackets, snuggled with cosy, colourful blankets. The clouds were hovering over the mountains while the sun started to rise. As Adam’s Peak is the most sacred mountain in all of Sri Lanka it is pretty amazing to see the lengths pilgrims go to reach the top of the peak. I noticed two men helping an older Sri Lankan lady make her final steps to the top of the peak. It was incredible to see the endurance and strong faith of the women and compassion of the two men.

If you are hungry after the hike there are a number of stalls on the way down selling curries and rotti. I would also recommend hiking the peak on a week day as weekends and public holidays can be very busy.

If you are heading to Sri Lanka add this to your to do list! No doubt it will be an incredible experience.


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