This is me

Why not start my blog with a classic story about a girl.

My name is Dani and i’m really excited about this blog I just created.  I mainly started this blog so I can reflect on my travels of the near future.  I’m pretty excited and nervous right now because I booked a one way flight to Sri Lanka and resigned from my job only a few days ago, however I am more excited than anything.  I will be leaving Australia with a Canadian work visa and plan to travel and work in Asia for the next 5 to 7 months before making my way to Canada.  Who knows I might get stuck working in a Reggae bar on a Thai Island..  Well if that happens I can definitely think of worse places to end up.

I have been working as a Travel Agent for the past 4 years and have done a few (some friends would say a lot) 2 to 3 week trips to South East Asia and the South Pacific and a big 3 month Euro trip between my two travel jobs.  The main reason I got into the travel industry was because my Mum and Dad though I would really enjoy it.  So a big thanks to Mum and Dad for knowing me so well.  The older (and wiser (hehe)) I get, I realise a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing in life and I feel really lucky to have grown up in a family who don’t care about brands, cars and status’.

Right now I kind of feel how Chris did from the movie Into the Wild.  I feel free and liberated and very much in charge of my own destiny, however i’m not running away from life like he was and I also hope I don’t eat some poisonous berries like he did (well I made that sound a little dramatic didn’t I).  My family and friends are very supportive of my open-ended plans which is absolutely amazing.  I’m really curious of the unknown, like I literally don’t know where I will be in 2 months let alone 2 years, however I know everything will work out and eventually fall into place.  I know there will be some bumpy roads however some great opportunities will come of it.

So this is me.


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